The Registry is responsible for the administrative matters of the College. It is regarded as the engine room of the College and a pivot upon which all the College activities revolve. The Registry is headed by the Registrar and he is being assisted by members of staff on the following cadres:


i. Registrar
ii. Executive
iii. Secretarial
iv. Clerical
v. Deputy Registrars

The Registry, also has some of its members of staff posted on rotational basis to other departments of the College. Such include all school officers and student affairs officer where they perform administrative function of the Registry.

The Registry department of the College is presently divided into two main units namely, the central administration and academics.The central administration unit, through its 3 sections handles the administrative functions of the Registry. Recruitment, Confirmation, Promotion, Disciple, and Welfare [amongst others] of the Senior and Junior members of Staff, Youth corps members, industrial attachment Staff and handling of all legal issues constitute the bulk of the duties of the central administration unit which is headed by a Deputy Registrar.

The academic unit on the other hand is made up of academic board matters, admissions, examinations, records and data, verifications, certification and guidance and counseling sections. The major function of the academic unit is the implementation of the College’s policies on academic matters, such as admissions, examinations and upkeep of records. It also include processing of results, issuing of transcripts, results, and certificates. It does not only prepare for, and provide all secretarial duties of the academic board, examination committee’s meetings. It also implement all policies from such meetings.

The preparation, execution and monitoring of all the above related functions is the summation of the duties of the unit which is headed by a Deputy Registrar. The Registry is the custodian of records of all members of staff and students of the College. It also handles all correspondences from, to and within the College. It is the responsilibity of the Registry to interpret and execute government policies in relation to the smooth running of the College. The Registry acts as the secretariat to all committees while the Registrar is the secretary to the Governing Council of the College and Academic Board. The head of the Registry is the Registrar upon whose shoulder all these responsibilities rest.

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