CVST Music Studios is a world-class recording studio in the heart of Lagos

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Our goal at CVST Music Studios was to provide a world-class recording facility and a creative environment without compromise. Our Nick Whitaker designed facilities include a large-format 48 channel SSL Duality desk alongside analogue outboard next to a fantastic sounding live room, with close to eight-meter ceiling height. .

Welcome to CVST Music Studios, please have a look around in this 3D model.Our live room offers a fantastic ambience and includes a selection of the finest microphones available offering the ultimate recording experience.

With a full instrument backline, Grand Piano and PA system it also makes the perfect venue for intimate show-cases.

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CVST Music Studios is built from the ground up for recording. The acoustics in our LIVE ROOM are phenomenal for drums, grand piano, and string ensembles. We also have a great collection of some of the finest microphones in the world and there are keyboards, guitars, and amps to hand in all studios.


We offer mixing and mastering at Palma Music Studios. Anything from a classic analogue mix on the SSL-Duality through the ATC-monitors in THE QUINCY ROOM To the favourite choice studio among our urban/electronic music clients, THE MERCURY ROOM, with large monitors, for that magical low end! We also have a network of amazing professional mixers and mastering engineers around the world, who can achieve the exact mix and master you need.


CVST Music Studios is a perfect place to host songwriting camps. Our six studios, plus the live room, make seven different spaces to work out of. There have been up to twenty-three songwriters working at the studios at once. We have also many options for accommodation. Palma Music Studios has great deals with all Melia Hotels.


For surround mixing and post-production, the WINEHOUSE ROOM is the studio to work out of. It features a 5.1 Genelec system, Antelope or Universal Audio interfaces, a Mac Pro with ProTools HD, Izotope RX7, and most other needed software. Our engineers have mixed everything from feature films, orchestral albums to TV-shows and surround live concerts in this studio.


Want to record voice over for a film, a commercial, audio book or podcast? We’ve done all of the above, including trailers for Hollywood films and political campaigns for the Balearic president. ARETHA ROOM is our main studio for recording vocals, and it’s also perfect for voice-over recordings.


The program is designed to prepare students for the real-life scenarios professional music creators encounter. You can choose from 12 exciting courses to create your own program. Each course is four weeks long. In addition to weekly live-online classes, students are given access to special pre-recorded videos and documents. All sessions are held in English.

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